Monday, November 9, 2015

Meat or Horns? Why not both?

I have been away from my blog for quite some time. I have decided to start blogging again so I could share some of my own thoughts on Google+ and some of the other media sites I am a member of.

So I decided a great topic to start back up with is a hunting related one. Reasonable since we are in the midst of hunting season here in Virginia. I believe I have a cornucopia of friends who hunt. Some only hunt during rifle season, some only on Saturdays so they do not miss out on football on Sunday, and some who only help their buddies out who are hunting (not actually hunting themselves in the common sense of the word) by cutting wood or helping check cameras.

I have found a couple of different camps when it comes to the reason why folks hunt. Some folks hunt to fill their freezers up while some hunt just so they can throw some bones on the wall. I say "Why not both?".

Antlers are never more important than the meat in my opinion. Do not take me wrong. I am not saying I would not love to shoot a big (mileage may vary, big to me vs. big to you) buck so I can get him mounted on my wall. I am just saying I get just as excited when I see a doe walk or any other wild life for that matter.

There are a ton of articles and TV shows that focus on herd management and how to grow the biggest bucks. But, I think you will find that most whitetail hunters who are able to take antlered or antler-less deer during the season are pretty happy getting either. Whether I personally see a buck come in or a doe with her babies in tow, I consider it a good hunting day because I got to come close to the wildlife in our area.

If you are a seasoned hunter who is showing a new hunter the ropes. Do not make the emphasis on getting the biggest buck ever the only goal. I think the new hunter would be in for a sore disappointment with expectations set so high.

In conclusion, my answer for my fellow hunters is that you are not more of a sportsman if you just go out to shoot a big buck. It is possible to feed family AND try for that big buck. So why not both?